Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why Human Torture?

A River Of Love

by MA Nangini in The Beholden 2001

I go to the edge
     of the earth
And again  I scream out
     to the vast dark
     unfeeling universe


Why must there be human torture
Why must we experience
     the agony of rejection
     human-to-human ostracism
     the war of dehumanization
Why does any human heart settle on destruction?


Not with the axe
     or sword
Nor knife or bomb
     shall thy Kingdom come
     but in love
     seeing the fault of others
     as my own
Stronger and stronger the reviving powers
Love is the never-ending river
     the promised fountain
     the Living Water

The Resurrection of soul at death's end
Gift from eternal source lives on and on
If only we would allow it access
This river of unending Love

We'd never turn away food and water for the body
Why do we turn away from the nourishment of soul

Why are we in denial of this Divine Power
And the Oneness of our Being?

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