Thursday, March 14, 2013

Habemus Papam Franciscum!

With Pope Francis:

We are one
in the brotherhood
in the Communion of Love
the body of Christ in prayer
and in sacrifice
in the sharing of the gifts
and the Gift of Love –the Son:

We embrace and are embraced
We are held and we hold
We are blessed and we bless
We are served and we serve
We are given and we give

The work of Peace
is the labour of Love
bearers of Truth
to return stones
into hearts of flesh
and know that God is God
and we belong to Him:

There is no love
no joy
no peace
but in Him
all things are possible
because the Power of God
is with us
in us
and works through us
as we return
to being “living stones”
around the “cornerstone”
of Love and Sacrifice:

A holy nation
called to Love
being holy
one living stone at a time
building the Kingdom of God on earth
as it is in Heaven
no one left out
no one abandoned
no one harmed
but all are one in the One Love
lifted high upon the Cross of Redemption
and the Resurrection into Eternal Life
for the whole of humanity.

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